Why Do I Blog About the Philippines!

I have been blog hopping for some time now, more than two years now in fact. I noticed that the most common topic in a blog is about the blogger’s life or something immediate to his/her life. I on the other hand, write mostly about the either about Philippine society, government, academia, religion, big business and corruption or all of the above in my articles in my blog.

Dude, what is wrong with me! I have lived in the United States for half my life now, I came here in my teens. I have gone home maybe three times in the past 15 or so years. Why do I care so much?!?

Many days I find myself analyzing the problems of the Philippines to the point of obsession. I would discuss my analysis to whomever that would listen, even to Americans that would know jack about the Philippines; they would quickly change subjects and say, “hey did you catch that LA Lakers game last night.” Getting the cue of disinterest, I would say “that Kobe, he is the bomb!!!”.

I write because I feel a burden. I want to light a fire in the dark. I am doing the best I can for my country given where I am in life. I am an American in my passport, but my heart and mind belongs to my country, the Philippines.

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