Short Training (Half Marathon - week 4)

I did 2.6 miles in 45 miles. Not bad considering I have been having pain in my feet the past few weeks. By Saturday, I am set to walk 5.5 miles. So far I feel good.

Last week I actually did a lot of walking on surface streets, which put a lot of strain on my feet and legs. I am glad I have a treadmill at home; it is really a life saver since I have been having some pain in my feet.

Tomorrow, I am going to do a 30 minute work out.


Walk to Get Fit

Last June, I had a car accident, a minor fender bender that forced me to take the train to go to work. This is how I started my walking routine.

From that point, I made it a point to walk around the neighborhood for at least 30 minutes three times a week.

Last June I was 235 pounds, clearly my heaviest I have ever been. I am only 5' 6". So I am quite heavy.

I managed to lose 20 pounds since, but clearly I am still overweight. My goal weight is 165 pounds. I intend to get to this goal gradually in a span of six months through walking and eating right.

I also decided to start training for a half marathon next spring. So I will use this blog to track my training progress.

Last week for my long walk session, I walked a distance of three miles in 50 minutes, averaging 3.6 miles per hour.

Today, the results of my long walk session are as follows:
Distance - 4.6 miles
Time - 80.38 minutes

I had to take it slow this week since I have been having pain in my feet. I sorta overdid it. Nontheless I am happy that I can walk 4.6 miles in a relatively good pace.

Next week I will do 5 miles.


I am back!

Sigh, Some years ago I bought a url, divergentpoles.com ... unfortunately I managed to reformat my content so *pooof* My blogging history for the past 7 years were inadvertently erased.

So, the content that I have left is in blogger...

I still own divergentpoles.com, but its completely blank...

To the blog universe, I do have some limited backup data for content...

So if you are an expert wordpress user, please leave a comment and help me restore my site...