Black Friday Sale

So last night, with my well researched Black Friday list ready, I was ready to go Black Friday shopping at 12 mid night. So, I open the door to head off to the mall... then I promptly turn around go straight to bed!

If you know anything about me you would know that I get cold easily. Once that chill hit my face, my bargain seeking desires evaporated! Ah well... Maybe next year? lol...

For the brave and courageous black Friday shoppers out there, I hope you got great deals as you deserve it for braving the chill. :D


Things to do on my Thanksgiving Break

I am off from work for the entirety of Thanksgiving week. I have a list of things that I want to get done to ensure I make the most of my time off.

Hang out with family - in progress
Finish Anthony Bourdaine Book - in progress
Run at least 15 miles this week - in progress
Create Cooking Video - done
Volunteer to distribute food for elderly and help out at food bank
Watch Clippers game - done
Make black Friday shopping list - in progress

So far so good! Today I will be volunteering to distribute food to underprivileged elderly. Should be fun!


Thanksgiving Eve

Its the eve of Thanksgiving.

I realize there are many things wrong with this world.

BUT... Its up to us how we will live in this world.

Our circumstances may not change, but we can certainly change our perspective...

I for one have chosen to live by these sayings:
Have a great no matter what...
Choose to love as much as you can today...