I have Problems Too

I have problems too. But I would rather not talk about it here in my blog. I admire those folks who have the guts to talk about their vulnerabilities in public. I may talk about my fondness for my family, my pet peanut, but I don’t feel comfortable talking about what lies deep within. I admire bloggers such as sofia_g of Do you Have Game (http://sunbridgesofia.blogspot.com/); every post is filled with a litany of hopes, lost chances, longing, pining, unconsolable grief, agony, pure euphoria, etc.

My posts on the other are filled with discussions of the interplay of micro-economics, macro-economics, accounting, capital markets, Filipino culture, micro-banking, etc.; devoid of warm fuzzies. Sometimes I wonder if my visitors even read my articles. I must admit that my articles lack personality. No matter. My messages are borne out of love for country, concern for the poor, and a passion to formulate solutions.

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