Hello World!!!

I was browsing through sitemeter, my visitor counter, and I was reviewing what countries my visitors came from. I was pretty amazed that I have visitors from all over the world namely France, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and of course the Philippines.

I was also astonished to learn that my readership in the Philippines only constituted 2% of my visitors. While I have 5% of my blog visitors came from Europe; 1% in France and 4% for the Netherlands. I totally did not expect that!

I am pretty sure my readership is pretty much Filipinos working or living overseas.

Anyway, so I decided to greet all of you in English, Dutch, French and Tagalog. Here it goes!

English – Hello! How are you?

Dutch – Hello! Hoe gaat het? (Thank you for the correction Ms T!!!!

French – Bonjour ! Comment allez-vous ?

Philippines – Pst, musta! Just Kidding! Magandang Bati. Kamusta ka?

That was fun!

I used an online translator (http://www.worldlingo.com) for Dutch and French.

Pretty cool website!

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