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I frequent PinoyExchange’s Local and Foreign Issues forum, talking about political issues and the like. The most frustrating thing about PEX is the flame wars! I don’t engage in flaming, so once things turn ugly I stop responding to posts.

Here is a particular thread that I am active in.

Here is an exchange of posts where I defend Benign0’s statement.

Phooey's post:
mell, I think what arcie took offense at the comparison of exporting logs and exporting OFWs. No one is "exporting" OFWs as they arent some commodity the government can market or exert control over.
People leave on their own accord after forming their own assesment of economic/career opportunies in both countries. While it may seem "intelligent" of people to see them as a collective and make presumptions on them as a whole, the fact is that they exist as individuals and arrive at life decisions on their own, regardless of how much "encouragement" the government provides. Benign03's choosing to work in Australia is a personal decision as is the choice of a OFW to sweat (live) it out in a desert kingdom (some of which are actually quite pleasant to live in based on anecdotal evidence). Why should either be seen as a "easy-way-out" solution?

My response:
Government officials are taking the easy way out by going around the world pleading with foreign nations to allow Filipinos to work in their land; then they plunder and sell out our futures to the elite and multinational companies, stunting our economy and thus perpetuating poverty and joblessness in our nation.

Same with the logs, instead of enforcing laws, government officials allow illegal logging to go on, as long as they get a piece of the action.

If the government officials do things regardless of the harm it does to the economy and make agreements with foreign nations to make it possible for our countrymen to go there, isn’t that taking the easy way out?

As a Filipino what else are you supposed to do if there are no jobs to support your family? The answer then becomes obvious.

Benign0 and I are speaking of the government taking the easy way out, not OFWs.

However, there is something to be said about Filipino parents working oversees and the possible harm it could bring to their children. But that’s another topic.

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