Tsinoys on Filipino Culture and Economy

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A thread in Tsinoy.com peeked my interest “RP Economy to Crash in Two years”; Click Here to see the thread in the forum.

One of the responses to the thread is the following:

This is the way of life they've chosen, let them lie in the beds they've made. In the entire history of civilization, there's the "haves" and there's the "not haves". They can't all be "haves". You have to accept it, pinoys are the atsays of the world. They provide cheap labors and they do a good job at it. They are obedient and they are hard workers if you keep an eye on their work. They make good followers but poor leaders. In all honesty, without the pinoys, who would wash my car? Clean up after me? Wash my clothes? Where will I get servants? Most of them are content with their simple lives. We, the Chinese, don't have the right to tell the filipinos how to rule their land. Just sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Here is my response to this post:

Creativeaso you have a very interesting point of view.

Indeed one's culture is the driver of ones stock in life. Truly the culture that pervades in the Philippines is corrupted; the church, academia, business and government are all feeding a corrupt system that serves to keep enriching the very rich and lock out the middle class and the poor for any way out of their station in life.

Unfortunately a lot of Filipinos as well as Tsinoys have grown all too use to the perverse system as they willingly break the laws with impunity, even if their acts are a disservice to the entire nation.

I say the elite Filipinos (Spanish, Kastilaloy, Chinese, Malay, etc.) have driven the entire nation to its corrupt state.

Slowly, the morality of Filipinos (Spanish, Kastilaloy, Chinese, Malay, etc.) has eroded. Why? Because the elite have shown the middle and poor classes that they can act in a corrupt manner and get away with it and that decent hard work is seemingly not worth it. The church and academia have stood idly by and let our morality erode as the elite has control of these institutions.

If we are to blame anyone or anything we should blame the culture.

Who perpetuated the corrupt culture we see today?

Initially the elite perpetuated the corrupted culture, but now it is pervasive in Philippine society.

At some point the Tsinoy community was insulated to some degree of the culture of corruption as they built their own community and took care of one another, but slowly some Tsinoys have partaken of the corrupt culture that is pervasive in the Philippine society.

The perception is most Tsinoys are well off. The fact is, there are those that are well off, but the later generations of Tsinoys are no better than their Filipino counterparts, as many of them would rather work for a call center than work for the family business or have no other alternative.

You call Filipinos atsays of the world; then you are calling yourself an atsay of the world as well. You are part of this perverted culture. You condemn the wrongs that the corrupted system begets at the same time you sit back and enjoy its fruits.

In my book, that is hypocritical.

Get real everyone. The way you do things in a daily basis is the source of all our problems. There is no rule of law to keep everyone in line. I know following the law with such a corrupt government is futile. All we can really control is our lives, live honestly and be simple, be productive and hurt no one. Be an encouragement to your countryman. By the end of the day, if you have done your best for yourself and your country, then you have done your part.

Enough of this finger pointing and bashing of each other and lets act decently to each other, and let us not get corrupted by the culture of corruption. Let us take care of each other.

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