Meet Peanut: our new doggie!

Peanut Posted by Hello

A co-worker of yummy (not my wife's real name) gave us this beautiful chiwawa. The first few days the poor dog could not eat as it was still acclimating to our apartment. A few days later it started eating really well; with that it started doing its business everywhere! The horror!!!!

I guess we will just have to be patient with it and take it to the park often!

Yummy told me not to feed Peanut (not our dog's real name) any human food. One night, I was eating pizza and buffalo wings. Peanut was begging for a buffalo wing, whimpering and staring at me with those cute beady eyes, so I gave in and tossed it a buffalo wing. I said to myself, one buffalo wing should not hurt it. Peanut devoured the wing like a Lion tearing apart a wilder beast in the plains of the Serengeti; I had no idea such primal instincts can be inside that cute little dog, not even 2 pounds. That gave me quite a chuckle.

Then at around 12:30 pm Peanut was throwing up chunks of buffalo wings. *eek* I guess human food is not good for Peanut, who has never eaten human food in its life! So, I learned my lesson; DO NOT FEED THE LITTLE DOG HUMAN FOOD.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mell
Such a pretty dog! But you can't feed the dog nothing but dog food (kibble or wet dogfood) because it's just not healthy.
Our dogs are on B.A.R.F. (Bones and Raw Food) and they love it.
Stay away from onions and chocolate! They're toxic to dogs.

mell ditangco (this is my pseudonym) said...

I read somewhere in the internet that if you are going to introduce different food to your pet you should do it gradually. I remember my pets back in the Philippines, we even fed them whatever left overs we had and they were happy and lived long lives.