Wedding Reception Picture

Wedding Reception: Its time to show the worl my wedding pictures. Posted by Hello

Yummy (this is not my wife's real name) and I got married on December 14, 2002. It has been almost two years ago. Wow, time sure flies. Its almost like life just went on fast forward when I got married. But, I think Yummy and I are finally getting settled down through the Lord's guidance. Thank God!


Chok said...

Naniniwala ako sa Diyos, Naniniwala din ako sa tawas,
Pero, pare ko - para kang tumama ng loteriya ng kinasal ka.
Pards - GOD BLESS to you and your wife and your future chikitings!

mell ditangco (this is my pseudonym) said...

pards! salamat! :D

Anonymous said...

hehehe congrats :D yves8