Kerry, Bush and Juan Dela Cruz

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I am an undecided voter for the poll for US President to be held this November . There are just a lot of things to consider. In my effort to decide for whom to vote for I have spoken to friends, family and co-workers what they thought and the following are my conclusions.

One of the reasons that I like about Kerry is his anti-war stance. In my opinion the Bush administration should have stopped at Afghanistan. The Bush administration has failed to show that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. So how can I in good conscience support the continued war efforts in Iraq?

On the other hand, I am anti abortion and gay marriages. So, I tend to like Bush’s stance regarding abortion and gay marriages. However, God did give us free will. So, even if there are no laws against abortions and gay marriages, it is still up to the individual to decide whether to follow the commandments of God in the Bible.

The most enlightening comment that I heard about whom to vote for recently came from one of my co-workers. He said that it did not matter who wins this election, whoever wins, Americans would fully support their commander in chief. Then I thought about my beloved Philippines (my land of birth), Filipinos react with pessimism and would be hard pressed to be supportive towards the candidate who won the presidency when their candidate do not win; quite a stark contrast between Americans and Filipinos. That realization saddened me, perhaps when Filipinos learn to give his/her loyalty to country first rather than personalities, then the Philippine nation will rise from the ashes.


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