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Ivolunteer is the first volunteerism portal meant to serve the Philippines. I have just much respect for Deanie Ocampo, the heart and soul of I-vol!


Here is a little something about I-volunteer:

iVolunteer.ph is the Philippines' First Volunteerism Portal.

iVolunteer.ph seeks to promote volunteerism for social development by harnessing the power and reach of the Internet.

iVolunteer.ph provides web-based facilities for non-stock and non-profit organizations to post volunteer opportunities in a intelligently-searcheable database for FREE!

Interested volunteers can then conveniently browse these volunteer opportunities (vopp) by issue/cause, location, duration, and other parameters -- all at the convenience of their desktops. Online sign-up facilities are provided or volunteers may make arrangements with participating organizations directly.

iVolunteer.ph is a project of Pinoy-rin.net (http://www.pinoy-rin.net) -- a non-profit organization supported by blood, sweat, tears, humor, and kropeck.

Pinoy-rin.net is harnessing the power and reach of the Internet to promote social activism and encourage the formulation of doable proactive plans to address political, social, and economic challenges that our country faces, and to promote multiculturalism as the foundation of nation-building.

Where the Pinoy-rin.net website promotes advocacy via an online periodical and discussion forum; iVolunteer.ph channels the same awareness, enthusiasm, and energy towards volunteerism and involvement in the issues that affect us today.

iVolunteer.ph likewise provides a free, convenient, and transborder alternative for organizations to post volunteer opportunites and reach out to the volunteer in each of us.

It is this three-way link between advocacy (through online publications), discussion (through online forums), and volunteerism that we seek to help educate the Internet crowd and draw support to the various non-government, non-profit organizations that are working on different social, civic, economic, and political issues that affect us today.

Be an iVolunteer! Today.

This site is not an original idea. We were inspired by VolunteerMatch, which unfortunately, is currently limited to US-based organizations and opportunities only. www.ivolunteer.ph was conceived in reaction to providing similar services to Philippine-based organizations and will carry a distinct Pinoy flavor to it's features and functionality.

Please be a volunteer!


Chok said...

Pards, very soon - (I hope), I can be a good ASSet in working with IVolunteer and maybe, we can revive www.pinoy-rin.net from its hiatus.

... bilang muna ako ng puting buhok... teka, ala na pala akong buhok!

mell ditangco (this is my pseudonym) said...

Chok, hope to see pinoy-rin soon! :) How have you been boss? :D

Anonymous said...

ahia!!! eto na ko!!! chokee!!! hehehe! =)