Kape: A Philippine Coffee Cookbook

Kape: A Philippine Coffee Cookbook Posted by Hello

Kape: A Philippine Coffee Cookbook is a great read. It is very educational as far as the coffee industry in the Philippines and full of tempting coffee and pastry recipes. Chit Juan and Vicky Veloso-Barrera are the authors of this book. Chit Juan is very impressive; as the Figaro Coffee Company's CEO, she has turned her love for coffee to a crusade to save the coffee industry in the Philippines while making mega bucks at the same time. Figaro Coffee Company has distinguished itself by offering true blue Filipino Coffee such as Kapeng Barako.

So next time you have an urge for a caffeine high; head over to Figaro and support one of our own and in the process support our coffee farmers and keep capital circulating locally.

Our nation needs more visionaries and doers such as Chit Juan to re-invigorate stagnant industries such as the coffee industry. Perhaps when we have more people like her, our hopes for a better Philippines will be well founded.

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