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Hanauma Bay, Hawaii Posted by Hello

Yes folks this is Hanauma Bay, Hawaii. The view there is so pristine! This picture turned out so well I made this my wallpaper. I was there back in 2002.

Imagine me writing about those serious essays regarding corrupt government officials. Then once in a while I minimize my word document and stare at that picture. I recall that moment that picture was taken. It was so peaceful there, the sound of the waves, the sun glistening on the water, the clear blue water, the fish swimming in the shallow part of the beach. Just gorgeous, enough to make you forget your fears, worries, cares even for a few minutes. How about that, a mini vacation on my desktop computer, pretty cool, huh.

Do yourself a favor, click the picture and view it in full size; I swear you won't regret it!

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... beachfreak said...

I love the pic. Gusto ko tuloy umiyak when I saw it, being so stressed and all. I'm such a beach freak. And I saved a copy of the pic in my pic files, if you don't mind :D have a good one! ;)