Memories of a Philippine Christmas

I spent half of my Christmases in the Philippines.

Field Posted by Hello

I especially enjoyed the ones I spent in the province. The thing that I enjoyed the most was the trip to the province. I would excitedly pack my bags the night before, and we would wake up early in the morning, about 4:00 AM. My mom would prod me to eat breakfast, usually its those red hotdogs made either by purefoods or swift with friend rice; the breakfast of champions!

Pasko sa Probinsya (Christmas in the Province) Posted by Hello

Anyway, we would be on our way by 5:30 AM or so. I just loved when we got to the North Luzon Express Way, I loved the view of the fields and mountains! I enjoyed the smell of the province, the fresh air, I even liked smelling the stench of carabao dung! Then when we got there, everybody would be so warm. The picture above reminded me of my grandparents’ house and parol. So warm, so Christmas.

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