A Glimpse of My Cyber Neighborhood

I have been part of the www.tsinoy.com community since 1999. I have met a lot of great people there. It is there where I met my www.ivolunteer.ph co-founders. When I first started posting at the message board of www.tsinoy.com I was just a junior at the University of Southern California. I must admit, my views back then were less mature and naïve. Its just amazing how quickly time flies. One would think that spending all that time in the Internet is a complete waste of time. I tell you what, in tsinoy.com I had atsis (ates or older sisters) and ahias (kuyas or older brothers) that taught me about decency, tolerance, objectivity, to think before you react, etc.

Earlier today I learned that I have been appointed as a moderator of Revlution! Café, tsinoy.com’s politics and current events forum; I consider this a great privilege, so thank you tsinoy.com family for trusting me. I will definitely try to impart the lessons that I have learned when I fist started out at the Revlution! Café forum.

While writing this post, I realized how much the Internet is a part of my life. Currently I post regularly in www.grabeh.com, www.pinoyexchange.com and ww.tsinoy.com. A recent addiction of mine is maintaining my blog and bloghopping. My favorite blog ring is www.pinoyblog.com; it is there where I get most of my traffic.

Sometimes I amaze myself and wonder where I find the time to maintain my blog, bloghop and engage in discussions in 3 discussion forums. Creating articles in one’s blog and discussing political issues require a lot of research! I even work 10 to 12 hour days to boot! Although I am proud to say that I don’t mix my Internet time with work. So where do I get the time? Pretty much it comes out of sleep time… like now, its almost 12 mid night and I am still composing this post! Ok, I am turning in now, I have to work tomorrow! Good night all!

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Barbara Gelnett said...

I know what you mean about maintaining a blog, spending time on the net(not at work) and doing life. Time has to come from somewhere, sleep deprivation is part of my existence! The drive to touch the rest of humanity, even complete strangers, by what ever means, music, words, cyber space... is so strong, it doesn't even make sense. But,I've got to keep driving.