Life of a Management Consultant

Right after college I started working for one of the biggest accounting firms in the US. I have been working as a management consultant for a year and a half now. Part of my job is traveling, and so far I have been to San Jose California, Santa Cruz California, Reno Nevada, Las Vegas Nevada, Tucson Arizona, Chicago Illinois and Honolulu Hawaii. When I first started my career as a management consultant I did not mind being away from my adopted home Los Angeles. However, as time passes I am beginning to dread going out of town for projects; Especially now that I am being deployed at increasing frequency and longer periods. I love the challenges that come with my projects, but how much traveling can I bear?

I always tell my family, girlfriend and friends about how lonely being on the road can be. One can’t be all about business you know; one misses the personal contact. As humans we long for intimacy, and if we ignore this need long enough it will change us to some callous equivalent of our former joyful selves! Ok ok ok, I know I am being over-dramatic here! :) Anyway, I will try my darndest to make the best of my situation. *SUPEHSTAH*